1. From the home screen, choose Mail.
  2. Press the Menu hardware button on your phone, then select More.
  3. Select New Account.
  4. Select Other (POP3/IMAP).
  5. Select Manual Setup.
  6. Select IMAP for protocol.
  7. Enter your full email address and username (same as full email address)
  8. Enter your email password.
  9. Use mail.mailconfig.net as your IMAP server.
  10. Enable SSL for security type.
  11. Set port to 993. Tap Next
  12. Set the Login required checkbox.
  13. Enter your email address as your username, and your email password
  14. Use mail.mailconfig.net as your SMTP server.
  15. Enable SSL for security type.
  16. Set port to 587. Tap Next
  17. Enter a name for this account (e.g. "Work") and your name as you wish for it to appear on outgoing emails. Then tap Finish Setup.